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Assoiacao Jovens Solidarios (AJS) was founded in 2001 in Sao Nicolau (Cape Verde). AJS carried out several projects addressed to local youth in order to empower young access to new technologies, outdoor activities and education. The association already worked in ICT promotion, in cooperation with local institutions. AJS cooperates also with a local community radio “Radio Comunitaria ad Ribeira Brava”, managed by another association, called Pa S.Niclau.

Binario Etico is a cooperative founded in Rome on 6 February 2006, with the idea of creating a social enterprise characterized by a strong spark of idealism and high professionalism.

The initial idea was born from the experience shared with Engineers Without Borders (ISF-Rome), voluntary association of which some members belong, with the intention to consolidate in the ICT framework an alternative culture, far from consumerism, promoting the use of technology awareness and diffusion of Free Software, through the Trashware.

Lunaria is a non-profit, non-confessional and independent association, free from political parties’ control and influence. It was founded in 1992 and it carries out research, training, and communication activities on fair economy and third sector, migrations and globalisation. It promotes initiatives concerning international volunteering and youth policies.

Associazione Donne Capoverdiane in Italia (OMCVI – Capeverdian Women in Italy Association) was established in 1988 and represents Cape Verde migrant community in Italy. OMCVI will have a linguistic and cultural mediation role in the project. They will cooperate with Lunaria and all the partnership to establish contacts with Cape Verde youngsters in Italy and will facilitate transnational contacts and relationships among the partnership and with institutions. OMCVI will provide a linguistic and cultural mediator from its staff.