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The project, elaborated in the thematic area Migrant Communities, in the framework of the “Migration for Development Joint Initiative“, managed by UNDP in partnership with the European Commission, aims to promote the access to ICT technologies based on free software and trash-ware equipments in Cape Verde island of Sao Nicolau, with the objective of enhancing social inclusion, communication between local community and migrants, and promoting local entrepreneurship.

The ICT diffusion in Cape Verde is limited to 8,7% of the total population because of geographical dispersion and high costs. Developing countries normally depends on traditional communication system (TV, radio) that doesn’t allow local communities to access information production and elaboration.

An empowered access to ICT through free software and low cost equipments, as demonstrated by several international experiences (I.e.: UNESCO Community Multimedia Centres, IDRC-UNDP Telecentre), will allow Capeverdian community to be protagonist and promoter of a community based information, able to develop grass root participation and to enhance social cohesion, non formal and formal education, linguistic knowledge and communication with migrants in Europe.

Through the creation of a Multimedia Centre in Sao Nicolau island, the project will offer 10 pc positions, 1 streaming radio position and 1 video making equipment to the local community. The Multimedia Centre will be managed by the local Associacao Jovens Solidarios (AJS). Besides, the partnership will provide a specific technical training course addressed to local staff and organized by Binario Etico, in order to create a group of experts able to manage the Centre, any possible technical problem and also to offer technical support for the installation of similar services in other Cape Verde islands, promoting local entrepreneurship.

At the same time, thanks to the involvement of Cape Verde migrant community in Italy (Associazione Donne Capoverdiane in Italia – OMCVI), the project foresees 2 training courses about ICT usage and participative communication tools (web 2.0, video,web radio, etc.) managed by Lunaria and directed to 2 different target groups: one youth group in Italy, composed by Capeverdian immigrants; one youth group in Cape Verde, composed by local youngsters. The 2 groups will learn basic notions of free software and recovering of second hand pc equipments. They will have the chance to experience their new skills carrying out short information and communication projects about youth social life in Cape Verde diaspora and in the origin country.

A specific effort will be dedicated to second and third generations living in Italy. It will create positive synergies to reflect about migration and development issues in hosting and origin countries, involving also other stakeholders, local institutions and policy makers. The two groups that take part in the training courses will be involved in 2 bilateral exchanges, one in Cape Verde and one in Rome, in order to enhance their future cooperation on Multimedia centre activities and “discover” life conditions in origin country and hosting one.

The project follow up will be ensure by the economical sustainability of the Multimedia Centre, while its dissemination will be guaranteed by a website managed by Capeverdian young people in Cape Verde and in Italy.